Here’s some of our top tips for identifying marketing opportunities - and ensuring memorability - when it comes to local community and theatre events.

What’s the story?
Brainstorm different media/story opportunities while you’re still in the planning stages of your event. It could be:

  • Notable committee/cast members
  • Particular milestones – e.g 10 year anniversary since the formation of your community group; you’re staging your event in an historic theatre
  • Unique/notable features – e.g your production is new to New Zealand; it’s based on a much-loved Broadway show
  • How you’re helping the wider community – e.g you have a youth cast to nurture up-and-coming talent; you’re donating funds from a performance to a particular charity
  • You’re offering giveaways or special ticket offers – e.g for particular ‘slow-selling’ nights, or particular community/membership groups; cheaper online ticket price
  • Particular calendar dates – e.g perfect for the school holidays
  • Tickets are selling fast/sold-out

Then, think about how you could use these:

  • How can you maintain momentum to ensure you gain attention throughout the on-sale period? Create a campaign from when your tickets go on-sale.
  • Which ideas are best for which medium? The more visual ones are great for social media.
  • Can you keep some ideas as ‘exclusives’ for local media?
  • Who can help you spread the word? Local media, libraries, schools, community groups etc.

It’s all about the visual
Having a great design for your promo material is crucial. It’ll mean you capture attention and interest.Make sure:

  • The design is simple, clear and attractive
  • Images or logos are a great resolution (not grainy)
  • For photos, the subject is well-lit (not in shadows)
  • Use colour (not black & white)
  • All your different promo materials are consistent in design (ensures they’re more effective)
  • You clearly state where tickets are sold –, phone 0508 iTICKET and include our logo

For images on social media

  • Use a landscape set-up (which Facebook is designed around)
  • Avoid ‘busy’ backgrounds and super bright colours, which can make it unappealing to view
  • Ensure there’s minimal text (Facebook will block paid posts with 20%+ text in an image)

Like to know more about how we can help?
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