The iTICKET NZ Theatre Month Limited Time Offer is open to new and existing promoters whose shows and/or events fit the following criteria:

  1. Promoters must be registered with iTICKET by 30 June to take advantage of this limited time offer
  2. Shows and/or events must align with the NZ Theatre Month criteria for entry which are:
  • Show and/or event must take place during September
  • Show and/or event must have begun its life in New Zealand
  • If a performance piece, then it must be open to the public


  • 'No inside ticketing fees' means the Promoter will not be charged anything per ticket sold.
  • Customers will be charged a discounted ‘outside’ booking fee of just $1.00 per ticket, capped at $10.00
  • The $1.00 per ticket outside booking fee can be made visible to the customer or hidden within the face value of the ticket
  • Transaction and delivery fees are additional
  • Applicable to online bookings only. For bookings via phone or outlet, standard booking fees apply.
  • Comp tickets are charged at .50c to the Promoter


  • Inclusion on a collection landing page dedicated to all NZ Theatre Month events ticketed by us
  • Inclusion in a nationwide Spotlight newsletter dedicated to all NZ Theatre Month events ticketed by us and delivered to our national database of subscribers
  • Listing inclusion in regional mail out/s (subject to space and lead time)
  • Facebook post/s (subject to space and lead time)
  • Your first allocated seating plan free of charge (additional maps charged at standard rate)

Please email to get started.