We’re very excited to bring you an exclusive preview of our brand new website design, currently in development with our in-house web team.

The slick new interface has been painstakingly created with close attention paid to every detail. We’re confident both our customers and promoters will be delighted with the ease and efficiency that the new user experience provides.

Beyond being mobile ‘friendly’, this new site is 100% mobile ‘first’ – having been designed specifically for use on smartphones – with a clean, clear navigation and intuitive search functionality. On the desktop, the rich and immersive experience will be an absolute treat.

Customers will be able to browse and locate events through a highly perceptive search function and our streamlined new purchase process has been designed to convert more sales with a strong focus on the purchase funnel.

Promoters will benefit from the updated event page design, complete dashboard refresh and a DIY online event set up service that will make preparation and editing on the fly a breeze.

We’re working hard to have the new site up and running as soon as possible, so watch this space and we’ll keep you posted on progress as it happens.