Social media is a great tool for promoting your events. One easy way to enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook posts is to get to know who your followers are – and then design your posts with them in mind. Here’s a couple of tips for doing just that.

Insights tab
Check out the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of your Facebook page. You’ll find a whole heap of useful info in here about your followers.

Let’s take a look at the ‘People’ and ‘Posts’ options.

Here’s where you’ll find demographic info about your followers, like:

  • Their location
  • Their gender
  • Their age


  • See how your previous posts have performed
  • And, find out what time of day your followers are on Facebook

That’s just a start of what you can find out using the Insights tab!

How you can tailor your posts to suit your followers

  • What language should you use? Colloquial/shortened words (if it’s a younger audience), or is it more appropriate to write in each word in full (more formal)
  • Time your posts to go live on Facebook when your followers tend to be on there. The ‘Schedule’ option under the ‘Post’ button is great for this.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment – perhaps weekends might be the best performing time for your posts? (While many people tend to be online in the evenings, this can mean you’ll have a whole heap of other content to compete with in their Newsfeeds.)
  • Do you need to invest in paid or ‘boosted’ posts to guarantee you’ll reach a specific portion of your followers? (The reach of your unpaid posts is determined by Facebook, so you won’t necessarily get to everyone unfortunately!)

How iTICKET can help
If you’d like to really power-up your social media promotions, we have a whole heap of great (and cost-effective) options to help you.

They include our Facebook advertising service (Social Marketing), competitions and promotional posts from as little as $50 + GST. Just contact Courtney France (our Marketing & Communications Manager) to learn more.