Ever stood in a long queue to get into an event – and when you’re just about at the front – got stuck behind someone who hasn’t got their ticket ready to get validated?Ever stood in a bar queue during intermission and not got to the front before the show starts again?

If so, you’ve probably been a victim of customer lag.

One of the things that get the good folk at iTICKET up in the morning is our mission to eradicate all forms of customer lag from the events we ticket. If you’re a venue or promoter, it’s in everyone’s best interests for you to minimise queues and wait-times at your event.

Here’s a few handy tips that may help do just that.

At an entry queue

  • Have ushers prompt people to queue in the correct line (for example, door sales vs presale ticket validation)
  • Ushers can also encourage people to have their tickets ready for validation
  • At larger events, great signage is really important to direct people to the correct locations

Some of our clients use pre-recorded messages to make sure everyone understands the conditions of entry while they’re waiting – like:

  • “Please have your bag open for the security check”
  • “Please have your tickets ready for validation”
  • “You cannot take any opened drink bottles – or any glass bottles into this venue”
  • “You cannot take any video or audio recordings”

At a bar queue
Think about what you can do to encourage people to make their purchasing decision before they get to the front of the queue. Good signage is essential.

You could even use a pre-printed card at the entry to the queue so people know exactly what their options are (and, as a bonus, this helps you upsell people to purchase a special offer).

Paywave is brilliant for speeding up EFTPOS transactions – just be aware you may incur additional transaction fees on debit card transactions. (Talk to your bank for more info on that.)

What are your tips?
If you’ve got some any other tips to reduce customer lag, we’d love to hear and share them!