Digital marketing is powered by good data and awesome insights. If you’d like to see which of your online ads, newsletters or social media posts have earned the most attention, we have a few ways you can track their success.

Over time, this will help you see what’s working well with your promotions; whether it be the imagery, a compelling incentive, ad spend or timing etc. so you can continue capturing your audience in the better ways.

Option 1 – Adding UTM codes to your links
UTM codes are simple tags you can add to the end of a URL that will enable you to track where your traffic and sales have come from. They’re simple to create and really helpful in tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. To get started, download our handy how-to guide from the Promoter Dashboard.

Option 2 – Adding your Facebook pixel to your event page
This will feed the traffic and conversion data from any posts and campaigns you’ve made on your Facebook page (that feature a link to your iTICKET Event Page) straight to your Facebook account so you can measure their effect.

Option 3 – Establishing Cross-domain Tracking
For promoters running your own websites, cross-domain tracking offers the full view – from 1 source page before your own site – through to the completed purchase on your iTICKET Event Page. This provides the entire picture of your user journey straight to your own Google Analytics account. Cross-domain tracking is particularly useful when you want to drive promotions to your website rather than your iTICKET Event Page.

To get cross-domain tracking underway, we’ve partnered with proven specialists Absolute Analytics for those ready to take their event campaigns to the next level.

Absolute Analytics can help you uncover powerful insights from your data:

  • Traffic Optimisation – what marketing is best for you?
  • Conversion Rate Maximisation – how to unlock your event site’s true potential
  • Advanced Measurement – for killer insights
  • Data Visualisation – data that makes sense and is actionable
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning – no selling, just the insights to make the right call

What’s more, Absolute Analytics are offering all iTICKET promoters a free Health Check of their existing digital analytics to get things underway.

For your free analytics Health Check or to get started with any of the options above, contact us on today!