As one of the few countries in the world currently able to hold mass gatherings, it seems that New Zealand events are being targeted like never before by Switzerland-based ticket resale website Viagogo.

Having received a number of complaints from customers being ripped off to the tune of hundreds of dollars each, we have discovered a marked increase over the past week in tickets being purchased and then resold at extortionate prices to an unsuspecting public.

To take action, we have been actively locating overseas credit card purchases and blocking those users who we suspect are attempting to buy tickets to then resell on Viagogo at inflated prices. We are also reaching out to our promoters, urging them to remind their customers through their own channels to steer clear of third-party ticket resellers such as Viagogo, and to ensure they only book tickets from their legitimate ticketing providers.

Viagogo pays top dollar to appear first in Google searches when people are looking for where to purchase their tickets, so until the general public are made fully aware of their fraudulent behaviour, there is little that can be done to stop them from mistakingly buying over-priced and sometimes non-existent tickets.

The New Zealand Commerce Commission initiated proceedings against Viagogo in August 2018 with litigation still ongoing as they work through the court process on their substantive case. NZ Comcom joined a growing group of international enforcement agencies who are bringing similar cases against Viagogo, who is currently facing court or enforcement action in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Australia among others.

In the meantime, we hope that increasing public awareness about Viagogo and making sure that customers only book through official ticket sellers will reduce the number of Kiwis mistakenly lining the Swiss-giants pockets with their hard-earned money.

As of today, the only events we have located on the Viagogo website that are ticketed through iTICKET are:

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If you have any questions or concerns about tickets to an iTICKET event that you believe may have been purchased through Viagogo, please contact us at