As public venues and mass gatherings continue to be closed at Alert Level 3, there won't be a big change in the way we've been operating lately (from our pyjamas) - but with Levels 2 and 1 drawing closer we expect many of you will be using this time to plan ahead for when we can return to real-life events again.

Alert Level 3 - RESTRICT
Illustration by @virginia.ngaio courtesy of @renewsnz

Along with many others in the events, music and performing arts industries, we considered delving into the delivery of a streaming service for virtual content, but with so many platforms already meeting this need*, the boss decided instead to set his mind to how iTICKET could pivot our existing eCommerce technology and know-how to help small Kiwi businesses get back on their feet from Alert Level 3 and beyond.

Enter PickMeUp, a simple online ordering and payment system that we've built especially for those in the food and beverage industry who lack the time or experience to set up an eCommerce service of their own.

We are stoked to have launched PickMeUp for local cafes, takeaways and eateries nationwide, and offer this as a super easy and low priced option to the Kiwi hospitality industry at this time.

Currently running as a pilot to ensure smooth sailing for the weeks ahead, we have launched with two local stores and would love your help to spread the word about PickMeup for our next in take; visit, see our latest blog post, email, or follow our Facebook and Instagram pages today.
And please do share with any businesses you feel could benefit. We know there are a few options out there now for this kind of service, but we’ve yet to see one as cost-effective and easy to use as PickMeUp.

Innovative thinking and a desire to help the little guy has always been part of the iTICKET way. It's exactly how Reece Preston and Phil Jobbins began iTICKET in 2004 when they saw small community theatre companies struggle to afford big ticketing company prices. It's why we focussed on delivering a Refund Gift-back tool to help our promoters try and stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, and it's how we mean to continue into the future.

Moving forward, as we eventually progress through to COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 1, we will be returning to our office HQ and normal contact hours. For upcoming events that are due to occur during these levels, we will be reaching out to ensure any allocated seating plans are ready to meet physical distancing requirements and to run through our Contact Tracing solution that is already in place through our ticketing system. We also have a great tool for managing flowing capacities (for the likes of expos and outdoor events where guests can come and go) to make it easy for you to comply with the <500 outside and <100 indoor regulations allowed from Alert Level 2.

*That being said, if you are already generating and sharing content at this time and would like to reach an audience beyond your own social media or email database, you can always list your virtual events with us by simply providing links to your content on iTICKET, and make use of our nationwide marketing reach with our special COVID-19 discounted rate card. If this sounds of interest to you, please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.​